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Hip Joint Replacement

Waleed clinix is the best option for all elective protocols in Lahore, Pakistan. We are offering knee and hip replacements, limb preservative surgeries, knee and shoulder arthroscopies, limb length, and deformity corrections. The Waleed Clinix is providing 24/7 trauma handling services including pelvic and acetabular fracture fixation, intramedullary pinning, open and closed fracture management, etc.

The Best Hygienic And Aseptic Environment For Our Valuable Patients:

Our staff won’t compromise on hygienic conditions. To minimize the risk of infections during the examination or surgical protocol we have to be more vigilant to ensure an aseptic environment at our site. The tools or equipment are of the highest standards and sterilized constantly.

Hip replacement surgery by Dr. Waleed:

Hip replacement surgery or hip arthroplasty involves the removal of the damaged segments of the hip joint and replacing them with metal, ceramic, or hard plastic tools. The inserted artificial joint (prosthesis) helps in pain management and improves mobility. 

When to perform a hip replacement surgery:

Usually, it is performed if pain interferes with daily activities and non-invasive procedures are no longer beneficial. Arthritis is a leading cause of hip replacement protocol.

Hip joint issues leading to hip replacement surgery include:


Osteoarthritis or wear and tear arthritis damages the slick cartilage involved in the smooth movement of joints.

Rheumatoid arthritis:

A hyperactive immune system causes rheumatoid arthritis which causes cartilage erosion and resulted in damaged and deformed joints.


Insufficient blood supply to the ball of the hip joint resulted in a collapsed or deformed bone.

If you have any of the following pain conditions do consult by booking an appointment with our best orthopedic surgeon Dr.Waleed:

  • Pain worsens with walking even with a walker
  • Persists even after painkillers
  • Interferes with sleep
  • Difficult to get up while seated
  • Can’t walk up or down stairs

Cautions to be followed:

There are certain cautions which should be followed by our patients after hip replacement surgery. These includes:

  • Be extra vigilant to avoid falls and injuries. If fracture your leg bone, you need another surgical protocol.
  • Your dentist should be aware of your hip replacement surgery. So, he could prescribe you antibiotics accordingly.
  • Don’t miss your follow-up appointments with your orthopedic surgeon.

Rehabilitation services:

We do offer certain rehabilitation services to protect your hip replacement and extend the life of your implant. It involves Participation in daily light exercise plans to support and gain adequate stamina and mobility of your replaced hip.